20 years of community development work by Raks Thai

The Raks Thai Foundation represents the evolution of CARE-Thailand as a member of CARE International. Throughout its lifetime, Raks Thai has been involved in strengthening communities and helping disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Thailand.   The vision of Raks Thai is to build a strong and resilient civil society, with quality of life and equal opportunity for all.  Raks Thai wants to help each individual to be able to determine their direction in life and acquire the skills to lead a productive life. Raks Thai also works at the community level to eradicate poverty and increase economic and social opportunity.   Raks Thai designs projects which address the root cause of development problems, and provides viable options for people and communities to participate in development solutions.  Raks Thai always ensures that there is full participation of its intended beneficiaries in the design and implementation of its projects.   Raks Thai would like to see each individual and community to become self-reliant so that external assistance is no longer needed.
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