Migrant Children Education and Life Skills

25 October, 2018 Causes One, Causes Two

“Migrant children are experiencing problems with accessing education; which contradicts basic human rights, as all humans have the right to be educated without discrimination, regardless of race or religion”

Samut Sakhon

has more than 200,000 registered migrant workers registered within the province and, thus, is nicknamed “Myanmar City”.  Many migrants head to Samut Sakorn to find jobs in the fishing industry, frozen seafood industry, manufacturing industry, or industries that hire cheap migrant laborers. Samut Sakorn has more than 5,500 migrant children aged between 5-15 years old. Within the province, 2,272 children out of these 5,500 children are able to attend government schools.  However, the remaining children do not have the chance to receive a formal education, where they would normally stay alone at home all day while their parents head off for work.

No Opportunities,not even a simple “chance”

The main reason why these children are not receiving any opportunities or support is because their parents are migrant workers with low wages. Moreover, many migrant parents are also unaware of their child’s basic rights to receive education regardless of their race or religion. Therefore, Raks Thai Foundation sees that this is an important issue to help these children, if their parents are unable to.

Raks thai Foundation helps by taking care and looking after the children of these migrant workers. Fully 20 years ago, the Raks Thai Foundation established the migrant children’s learning center, with the objective to provide education, promote learning skills, language skills, and career skills to the children in the province. All children are taught, regardless of their race and nationality. Currently, the migrant children’s learning center is in charge of taking care of 130 children (age between 5-16 years) from various nationalities such as Hmong, Cambodia, and Myanmar. A total of 5 teachers are in charge at the learning center who act as semi-volunteers by teaching and taking care of these children. Not only do the teachers teach these children but these Raks Thai Teachers regularly meet with the parents of these children to discuss the importance of receiving education, in order to create awareness and point out the chances for development and raising the living standards of these children. The hope is that the parents of these children will become aware and understand the potential in their children, and for the children to use their obtained skills and ability to study further rather than end up with a typical low-wage job in the fishing and manufacturing industry.


  • Children of migrant workers will be able to develop a higher potential in their physical attributes, intellect, occupational opportunities, and social skills to protect themselves from any forms of human trafficking of migrant workers.


  • Providing these children of migrant workers with the chance to receive education, life skills, fundamental knowledge (especially their right to receive education), and protection, through experiences in the learning center. Raks Thai Foundation has prepared many activities in order to achieve these objectives such as teaching the children on a daily basis from Monday to Friday, supporting them by using special learning equipment, supporting child nutrition by providing them with a nutritious food program, planning the teaching and learning schedules, following up with the children’s learning progress by providing their parents with evaluations of their physical and mental health, training the teachers yearly, and having monthly meetings to up-date progress.
  • Raks Thai ensures that parents participate in the development of their children’s learning process. Raks Thai has offered many activities by providing the parents with information about the children’s learning activities, child protection, safety at the learning center and at home. Special events have also been organized to build the family’s relationships such as visiting the children at their homes, and organizing quarterly meetings with the parents and caregivers of the children to discuss learning progress, interests and right to receive further higher education.

Name of organisation : Raks Thai Foundation

Project Period : 1 Years

Project Budget : 2,300,000 THB approx.

Location : Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand


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