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Raks Thai Foundation’s policy regarding Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) 

  • 1. SEA constitutes acts of gross misconduct and is grounds for termination of employment. NO SECOND CHANCES  
  • 2. Sexual activity with children (<18 years of age) is prohibited. 
  • 3. Any sexual relationship with beneficiaries that involves improper use of position has prohibited NO SEX WITH BENEFICIARIES  
  • 4. Raks Thai workers are obligated to report any concerns regarding SEA by fellow workers  ALWAYS REPORT SEA  
  • 5. Raks Thai workers are obligated to create and maintain an environment that prevents SEA.  Discourage SEA around you 
  • 6. Taking pictures or filming of the target audience always get permission, if the image will be used officially in any media. The person in the picture or the guardian is required to sign the consent form first. To be used in public media either within or outside the country. 

To report SEA, contact the Office of Human Resources 

Email: and 

Direct: +66 2-0147322 Ext 102-106   

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