Apply for Project Accounting Officer/ Senior Officer

Position - Project Accounting Officer/ Senior Officer


Major Responsibilities : Responsible for reviewing and checking accuracy of monthly and periodic project financial reports and documents e.g. monthly report, invoices, vouchers and other relevant documents. Ensure all relevant project documents of Raks Thai sub-offices and project partners comply with financial standards of Raks Thai and donors. Prepare financial reports and help in preparing project budget as needed. Coordinate with project donors as well as project partners to ensure smooth financial management of projects under responsibility. Provide technical supports and advice to sub-offices and partners as needed.

- Responsible for project accounting and financial report to ensure the accuracy and time frame and transparency

- Prepare financial report to support project budgeting as necessary

- Coordinate to sub-contract and donor and related organizations to ensure financial management would be smooth and efficiency.

- Support and consult to Raksthai branch and sub-foundation as necessary.


- Bachelor degree or higher in Accounting

- Experiences in Accounting at least 2 years, internal audit and finance background will be a plus

- 3-5 years experience with Cost Accounting

- Computer literature in Microsoft and complicated excel spreadsheet

- Fluent in English 

- Have experience in NGO will be advantage

Apply for Project Accounting Officer/ Senior Officer